We want this event to be a fun learning experience for all. In order to achieve this, we would like to establish some rules. Please adhere to these rules which are enforced at all times.

  • Participating in this event means that you agree and comply with the Terms & Conditions and Code of Conduct.
  • Support for this event should be requested in the #support channel on our Discord server.
  • Any attacks targeting CTF infrastructure are prohibited. If you believe that you've broken a challenge or performed a dangerous action, please contact support immediately.
  • Teams can have a maximum of six (6) members including the team leader.
  • Unsolicited attempts to contact any participant, creator, staff member or anyone else involved in this event is prohibited. Please use the #support channel on our Discord server for all communication.
  • Our privacy policy can be found here.
  • Within the Discord server, please familiarize yourself with the rules in #guidelines-and-rules.
  • Challenge creators are allowed to participate in this event. However if they are a member of a team finishing in a top position, there will be several checks to ensure this event was at all times fair for every player.
  • Informational notice: Signing out of the CTF platform does not sign you out of the Intigriti platform. If you wish to do that, you will manually need to sign out of Intigriti

Failure to adhere to the rules can result in disqualification in this event, to temporary or permanent bans on the Intigriti platform as well as further actions for severe rule breaks.

With all of that out of the way, have a great time hacking your way into some amazing challenges!